Baby Wipes

A lot of baby wipes smell fresh and seem gentle, but with continued use, irritation and diaper rashes occur. This could be due to irritating and/or toxic ingredients found in the wipes.

Body Butter

Oy-l Body Butter is a super hydrating, rich body lotion that is perfect for legs and body post shower.

 Oy-l avoids commonly used harmful ingredients and sticks to a purposeful formula.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is gentler and more effective at removing makeup than traditional makeup removers. Coconut oil is not only effective, but it has additional benefits like hydration and antioxidants. It's antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungal properties make coconut oil an excellent choice for acne prone skin.

Lip Balm

Do you re-apply lip balm only to find your lips drier than before? Balmy Days soothes and repairs dryness, leaving your lips soft even after it wears off.

Kids' Soap

Cleans the days' dirt, food, paint and you name it off my kids without irritating their skin. Having one pump bottle for body and hair makes the job quick and easy. Alaffia does not sting kids’ eyes. The formula is gentle, nourishing, and non-drying.

Dish Soap

Better Life cleans well without extra scrubbing and re-scrubbing. It even removes dried sweet potatoes stuck on dishes. Better Life suds are better—they wash away half as fast, saving you water.


Many natural foundations either lack coverage, appear caked on, look too flat and matte or too oily and shiny. True skin surpasses expectations for a non-toxic foundation and is more enjoyable to wear than conventional coveted foundations.